Dana’s New Music Video: The Great Salish Sea

“The Great Salish Sea” is written from the perspective of the 104-year-old matriarch “Granny” of the resident orcas and depicts how the sounds of boats have changed over the last century, from Native American canoes to large sailing ships, and now to today’s giant freighters and tankers.

I hope the video will help raise awareness of the effects of large ship noise on the orcas and the dangers posed to our beautiful Salish Sea region (Washington, Oregon, British Columbia) by proposals to export huge amounts of fossil fuels through our region by rail, pipeline, and ship.


Teamsters & Turtles: Touring With Anne Feeney

Teamsters & Turtles poster_11x17_FINAL

I’m honored to be touring with labor singer and all-around wonderful person Anne Feeney this July in Washington and Oregon. In addition to songs, jokes, and stories, we’ll be talking about how the Labor and Environmental movements can find common ground and work together.

Most current show detailshttps://www.cowswithguns.com/shows/

Anne Feeney: Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable since 1968. http://www.anne.feeney.com

Dana’s New Music Video: Salmon Come Home


I am happy to announce the release of my new music video “Salmon Come Home,” directed by Gary Washington, with Alaskan wildlife and scenic footage by Daniel Zatz. “Salmon Come Home” was written to raise awareness about two proposed mines in Alaska: the Chuitna River Mine & the Pebble Mine.

Watch “Salmon Come Home” Chuitna River Mine version

Watch “Salmon Come Home” Pebble Mine version

The proposed Chuitna River Mine (60 miles west of Anchorage across the Cook Inlet in Tyonek, Alaska) would dig up thirteen miles of a salmon river, 300 feet down, thus destroying the salmon habitat there which provides salmon for the Athabaskan People living in the region and for the commercial fishing industry. The Pebble Mine (Bristol Bay) would create a gold and copper mine in the spawning grounds of the largest remaining salmon run on Earth, also destroying the salmon run for the Native Peoples and fishing industry.

I am releasing two versions of the video, one for the Chuitna campaign, and one for the Pebble Mine campaign. Both versions contain the same video and music, with different introductions and endings.

Purchase “Salmon Come Home” song on CD or download on iTunes: http://www.cowswithguns.com/product/albums/the-great-salish-sea-autographed-cd/

Dana’s New Album: The Great Salish Sea

The Great Salish Sea Album Cover

Dana’s New Album: The Great Salish Sea

I’m happy to release my new album The Great Salish Sea. Produced by Casey Neill and recorded at Secret Society Studios in Portland, Oregon by Jordan Leff, The Great Salish Sea includes performances by many notable Portland artists, including Jenny Conlee (keyboardist for The Decemberists), Chet Lyster (lead guitar for Lucinda Williams and the Eels), and Annalisa Tornfelt (singer & fiddler for Black Prairie).

To order CD or listen to all the songs, click HERE.